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Luster-Jewelry for consumers to create personal fashion value exclusive beauty

Personalized consumption era, jewelry custom started wind industry, the current domestic numerous jewelry brand rolls out the custom services, its up to, Luster the brand was founded in 2014, with a keen insight into the eye, the future jewelry customization will be the trend of The Times, so the first step in this field first impressions are most lasting, after several years of agriculture, the brand has a minor celebrity in the custom industry. Recently, I visited the brand and got to know more about jewelry customization from its founder, Harry Yang.

Jewelry customization: perfect display of individual demands

"Is a jewelry design will appeal through the process of visual effect of creative personality, each customer all the experience of the life also can bring inspiration for designers, such as the unforgettable memories, stories of the journey, or interpersonal emotion flow bring everybody touches, and some sudden to ideas, etc., all of these can be custom jewelry material!" "Said Luster founder Harry Yang.

In the process of providing customized jewelry services for customers, Luster designers are adhering to a philosophy: to make art mentality to the product refinement. Precisely because of this belief, every beautiful jewelry work embodies the spirit of craftsman. As jewelry designers, they express their understanding and perception of beauty and love through jewelry. Others, on the other hand, can read the wearer's inner meaning through the story behind the jewelry.

Customization process: crafted in the spirit of craftsmen

During the interview, Luster founder Harry Yang highlighted one custom case that he remembers vividly. A client designer designed a diamond ornament for his wife. After fully understanding the client's family situation, the designer came up with the perfect solution to reflect the sweetness between them through an interesting story. One detail in the design plan is that every four heart-shaped diamonds are joined together to create a flower. In order to achieve perfection, every piece of workmanship is made by the setter's master himself. There is no slightest carelessness.

When the author asked, China as a jewelry consumption, consumers demand for diamond ring and other products are also growing, today's jewelry industry in China market will present the trend that what the problem, its up to Harry, the founder of Yang said: "mention jewelry, people tend to have a beautiful feeling, is the most intuitive investigate its reason, is because the beauty of jewelry present. For example, each of its colors brings different emotional feelings to people. Now consumers have more and more diversified demands for beauty, and customization will be the mainstream trend in the jewelry industry!"

The author has learned that Luster intends to promote its top customized design service by opening chain brand stores in the international scope, so that more consumers can know Luster, present unique beauty for more people who love diamonds, and create a new blue sea of high-end diamond industry.