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The Process of Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstone 2018-01-15 17:13:10

Jewelry is always created to display gemstone and signify social status. In modern society, the crafted silver jewelry is applied to personal adornment. Jewelry manufacturing process is a matter of creativity. With the improvement of science and technology, the manufacturing process of sterling silver jewelry with gemstone also changes.

At Luster-Jewelry, our artisans have passionately pursued the art of jewelry making since our company was founded in 2010. Each product undergoes a series of sub-processes before we get the nice sterling silver jewelry product. Luster-Jewelry silver jewelry processing knowledge as follow: Jewelry design- Making silver models- cutting rubber moulds from silver models- pull waxes from rubber moulds-  plant wax tree- casting-mechanical finishing- stone setting – polishing-jewelry plating-QC

Brief descriptions of the above processes are being given below:

Jewelry Design

In order to produce a unique piece, the very initial step is to create a design. CAD is computer-aided design. Through CAD, the jewelry designer creates original models in a virtual world. After that, their models are milled from rubber with high tech equipment driven by complex software.  We only need to save the CAD picture if you want to create the same jewelry in the future.

Making silver models

As per the designes, the masters will make the silver models for the same.

Cutting rubber moulds from silver models

Have to make a silver model, and then cut the rubber moulds for the styles, then juse rubber moulds to inject the waxes, and pull all waxes for production.

Pull waxes from rubber moulds

Use rubber moulds to inject all waxes for production.

Plant Wax Tree

On the base of the rubber model, we have to plant all waxes on the wax trees, then put them into the oven, and filled with the powder.

Lost-wax Casting

Put the welded wax models tree into steel drum, and then fill the wax tree with gypsum powder (commonly known as injection powder). Afterwards, you should remove air bubbles from the powder with vacuum machine in order to prevent the sterling silver jewelry appeared holes. Put the welded wax models tree together with the steel drum into electric furnace. (High temperatures evaporate the wax.)This process will take eight hours to reach the right temperature. The required silver material is placed in a vacuum suction machine or centrifugal machine, which is melted into liquid by high temperature. Using the machine, the silver liquid is injected into the steel cup with gypsum powder and wax tree.

Mechanical Finish

After casting, the silver jewelry is black, look not good. Use a chemical solution that reacts with the material in the surface of silver jewelry such as potassium cyanide. In the end, the semi-finished jewelry appears original color.

Stone Setting

After get the casting polished well, then need to set all styles stones into the casting. Here are several types of stone setting used in jewelry making: Prong Setting, Bead Setting, Pave Setting, Bezel Setting, Gypsy Setting, Semi Bezel Setting, Channel Setting, Flush Setting, Millgrain Setting. different styles call the different setting.


Semi-finished jewelry, using wax or yellow, white cloth roll, large and small brush, inner velvet rod and other tools are thoroughly polished by flying saucer machine, grinding machine. This procedure to make the total pieces look shinning, and bright!

Jewelry Plating

Using various metals for covering the surface of the sterling silver jewelry with gemstone, the metals could be rhodium, and so on. It will make the sterling silver jewelry shinier.


The sterling silver jewelry has to pass quality control before shipment. That means all completed jewelry need to be checked by the QC before they can be shipped to customers.

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