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The Different Ring Types 2018-02-02 15:21:31

There are many types of rings in the word. And the jewelry designer will design new style in future.

Birthstone Ring: Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. A birthstone ring featuring gemstones those are associated with the specific month of a person’s birth. It’s meaningful for people to wear a personalized birthstone ring. The birthstone chart as follow:






Aquamarine, Bloodstone






Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite


Ruby, Black Onyx


Spinel, Peridot, Sardonyx




Opal, Tourmaline


Citrine, Topaz


Tanzanite, Turquoise

Engagement ring: A ring traditionally is given to a woman by her fiancé who will marry with her in the future. The engagement is worn on the third finger of the left hand. It is usually set with a diamond, but other precious gemstones have become popular, such as a sapphire engagement ring is presented to Kate Middleton from her fiancé William who is a prince in US.

Wedding band: Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. It is said that there was a vein running from this finger directly to the heart. It symbolizes that the women or man have married. The ring may be a single gold band or can be engraved or set with a circle of glittering diamonds.

Eternity band: A band that is equal in width and set with one or more consecutive rows of identically cut gemstones or diamonds. The stones completely surround the band and are usually channel set. The former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown purchased one piece for his wife.

Claddagh Ring: This traditional Irish ring design featuring two hands holding a crowned heart. This is a courtship, engagement, friendship ring.   Many Irish women wear the claddagh ring as an engagement ring, wedding ring. It also could be their heritage, daughter get the claddagh ring from their mother.

Halo ring: A ring featuring a central diamond or gemstone in a collection many smaller diamonds or gemstones. The tiny gems surrounding the central stone makes it appear dazzling and more radiant by catching one’s attention to it.

Solitaire ring: Solitaire, applied to any piece of jewellery, indicates the significance of one gemstone within the design. A single diamond or gemstone is set in sterling silver/ karat gold. Diamond or gemstone solitaires can be a ring, pendant, earring, etc.

Cluster ring: Multiple many diamonds or gemstones together in one setting, or a ring containing a main diamond or gemstone with numerous small gemstones accenting it.

Cocktail ring: It also known as a cluster ring and a dinner ring. A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that is larger than normal rings and is designed to attract attention with its size and colored gemstones. Cocktail rings are traditionally worn on the index finger of the right hand. Its name originated in the 1930’s, when it was worn to cocktail parties.

Class ring: It is also called graduation ring, graduate ring, senior ring as well as grad ring. Class ring is worn by student at high school, college or university.

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