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How to Shop the Best Silver Rings For Her 2018-01-08 17:04:17

Women’s silver rings have a lot of market all over the word. There are hundreds of local and online sellers of silver jewelry, so it's difficult to assess whether you're buying the real deal. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know if you're buying the best silver ring. Discover the tips to ensure you buy the best quality silver rings for her.

First, Know Her Ring Size

Before buying women’s silver rings, you should know her ring size. It’s essential for you to choose an appropriate silver ring for her. The ring size chart as follow:

Second, How to Identify Authenticity

1, Pay attention to the Hallmark

Generally speaking, the sterling silver rings should be marked with S925, Ag925, 925, .925, 92.5. Some are made for children, they are stamped with S990, Ag990. The S990 silver jewelry is too soft to deform.

2, Estimated Weight

The silver density is slightly larger than the common metal, which is 10.53 grams per cubic centimeter, so the weight can be used to determine whether it is silver

3, Check the Hardness

The hardness of silver is lower. The good quality silver is easy to bend but hard to break. You can verify the authenticity of your silver jewelry by this way. Or use a pin to mark the place, such as the needle skid, the surface is difficult to leave a trace, can be judged as the bronze quality jewelry; If the object left a trace but not too obvious, can be judged as silver jewelry. This method has been widely used since ancient times. In ancient costume films, when received the silver currency, people bite it which is actually testing the hardness.

4, Chemical Reaction

Silver will react with any acid. The acid can make the silver change color and even dissolve. If a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid is placed on the inner part of the silver jewelry, the white mossy silver precipitate will be generated immediately. Other precious metals do not.

In addition, some jewelry is described as “silver plated”. That mean the jewelry is covered with silver, it is not silver jewelry.

Third, Inspect the Price of the Best Silver Rings

Sterling silver is a valuable precious metal, and this is going to be reflected in the price of the product. One of the ways that you can inspect the price of silver jewelry is to do a simple comparison of prices. You can view silver rings and the price in local sterling silver jewelry store or store in the internet. Tall to the seller, then you always get the answers you need.

Two types: with gemstone or not. The cost of silver rings with gemstone includes process cost, gemstone charge, sterling silver charge. You should know what the price of this type of stone is in the market. For example, If a pieces of blue sapphire ring is $12, it must be synthetic blue sapphire rather that natural sapphire. Blue sapphire ring is also a great gift for her.

Fourth, Get a Certificate

The ways identity real silver above can’t confirm the content of the silver. If shop one piece online, you'd better ask for a certificate.  If doubt the authenticity of the product, you can go to an independent third-party testing institution to check the authenticity.

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