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How to Clean S925 Silver Jewelry 2017-12-28 17:33:56

About S925 Silver Jewelry

“S925”represents the alloy contain 92.5% pure silver. S925 silver is also can be called sterling silver jewelry. It is well known that sterling silver jewellery will turn black over time, but it is still one of the most  well-loved jewelry on the market today. The purity of silver jewellery can impact the speed of tarnish. That’s mean 950 silver jewelry is easier to turn black. There are many reasons for silver jewelry to tarnish. Now, let us tell you something about sterling silver jewelry.

Although Luster-Jewelry use rhodium metal to coat the outside of S925 silver jewelry, it’s still impossible to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing and turning black. It’s worth mentioning that rhodium plated silver jewelry can cut down the speed of tarnish. The surface of the silver jewelry will reacts with oxygen or sulfur in the air. The chemical reaction is described as“oxidized”.

In life, you would find some people’s silver jewelry got tarnished, but some people not. Because everyone's endocrine structure is different, some people's sweat acid is more, some less, some people of ammonia content is higher, so wear silver produced different results, acid easy to black, no acid is not easy to black, and even some grease is secreted exuberant people can bring their own silver glossy.

The way to clean Silver Jewelry

There are many ways to clean your silver jewel at home. Of course, very old, fragile, or valuable pieces should be cleaned by a professional. In addition, many people use commercial silver cleaner. This is a convenient way to make the silver jewelry shine. But it will get rid of the anti-tarnish coating like rhodium at the same time. Then silver jewelry will be tarnished quickly. So, Luster-Jewelry does not recommend it.

The specific methods are:

  • Clean with toothpaste and soft toothbrush.
  • Apply the lipstick to the cloth to wipe the silver jewelry, then rinse and buff the silver jewelry
  • Put in the Caca Cola about 12 hours
  • Apply the vinegar to the cloth to wipe the sterling silver jewelry
  • Electrolyte Method: aluminum foil to line the bowl, 2 tablespoon each of salt, baking soda, dish soap and 500ml boiling water in it. This process is not appropriate for polished silver jewelry without gemstone such as turquoise, pearls etc.
  • Olive and lemon juice: mix a spoon of lemon juice with about 300ml olive in a vessel. Dip the soft cloth with the solution, and wipe the silver jewelry.

Tips: Silver jewelry can scratch easily. The cloth should be soft, dry and   non-abrasive such as such as microfiber or lint-free flannel.

The Way to Preventing Tarnish

There are many factors that cause the tarnish of silver jewelry in our life. It’s vital to keep your 925 sterling silver jewellery away from the substances. The things that will cause tarnish as follow:

  • The water in the swimming pool (chlorinated water)
  • Exposure under the sun, perspiration
  • Household chemicals, , rubber, latex
  • Food likes mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions
  • Beauty products like creams
  • Wool

As a result, keep your jewelry out of the sun if possible! Your S925 silver jewelry isn’t great for lengthy trips without any shade. It’s not suitable to wear silver jewellery when you do housework. If you always wear it, remember to clean it and keep it light.

In addition to timely and regular cleaning, the best way to maintain your silver jewelry is correct storage. Please store your S925 silver jewelry in a cool and dry environment. Use a special polishing cloth or soft cloth like flannel to gently rub the rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry clean after washing. Finally, put it on a plastic bag. In order to avoid scratching, one silver jewelry should be stored in one plastic bag.

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